Last day of Gossip

We are very proud to receive such a interesting and precise information about your nice moments here at UNISAMUN.
We also sad because it is our last post about gossips but if you miss us send messages on Facebook and we will post it ASAP.

so here we go.

– Italians do it better?!?! it is like wondering that le Lochness monster exist

-God save the google tranlsater

-Camilla and Fabio kissed yesterday night maybe someone was crying about it

-Russian Federation is giving too many problems in EU Council

-Kevin i find you super attractive German attitutude and blue eyes are my weak part MARRY ME

-Romania – EU council ” kissing Tekla made me something rise”

-Ian go beautiful JAmm bell

-I have seen something about Stefano he is awsome boy

-our vice president very much enjoyed Lucy’s hug the other day. All day long smile on his face! ❤

-Fabio, baby if you give it to me, I give it to you

-Kevin you are my sunshine ❤ MUH

-I don’t like the coffee I prefere ”

-Salerno boys in the EU council you the funniest proud of your efford your president!

-Mario and Antonio have girlfriends, but they can’t stop flirting with another girls 😛

-I love you all especially Cristina when she is drunk

-Chair person in the relationship market: first come, first serred. Dark Knight

-Lucy is the best chair person ever and I will miss her too too much..

-Bulgaria (EU council) has the herpes! mmm who’s fault is?

-Fabio e Camilla kissed yesterday

-Teresa Ferrara is beautiful! ❤

-Giulia you are so beautiful and our time so little

-Mario Vyara are a great couple
-Ian is always well dressed
-CAmiiiii non pensare a nessuno i love you
-ah Norbert ma magnatela n’emozione ( norbert try to have some feelings )
-Fabio sei figo date me tonight a girl from north
-I don’t like the coffee


Democracy lessons from Russia

The Salerno Correspondent on Thursday had the luck to partecipate at the most meaningful debating session of the European Council we have never had the opportunity to take part in. The debate focused on the Ukrainian crisis, economical embargo, energy resources and the territories occupied by Russia.
The commination of the discussion was given by the Russia Federation that during his argumentation asserves: “The EU should take Democracy lessons from the Russian Federation “.

The most remarkable argumentation against this democracy device given by Russia Federation was given by Denmark on Ukrainian crisis and war with Georgia in 2008 and remarking the fact that is actually so common for Russia to speak about democracy so the states member do not need any lessons actually Russia should learn something about the human rights.

We are actually sure that today even if there has been a hard debate they will find an agreement. We always hope that all the countries understand how important it is to collaborate in order to reach the same goal, the respect of human rights and the safety of the entire humanity.

The importance of soils and food security

FAO Council today has drafted a resolution about the importance of soils as a finite and nonrenewable resource.

The resolution requests that FAO Regional, Sub regional and Country offices take an active role to promote educational campaigns in schools and work places.

FAO highlightes that urge to enhance FAO member states to protect soils subject and create the international research center for soils studies that would closely cooperate  with FAO expert and agricultural specialists.

Encourages governments to implement friendly polities for farmers and invites to invest  in programs with the goal of educating farmers to good agricultural practices.
FAO gives the recommendation to creates a closer cooperation between small scale farmers at regional level and expresses its belief that local governments would seek to implement suitable fiscal regimes for such farmers.
The Salerno Correspondent hopes that this subject will be received in the member states legislations because our future is based on solving food and soils protective problems.

European Council is ready to draft

The European Council is ready for an important step.
As we all know immigration is an ongoing issue therefore the Salerno Correspondent met the President of the European Commission which declared that the Member States are under a high pressure of time and the economics crisis is the main reason for all the problems regarding the EU at this moment. These were the President’s words on the debate:
“We have to demonstrate our gratitude to all the States since they all understood that we must be more united than ever. We all understood that it is an European problem and therefore we are going to implement the use of European subsidies by extending the previous helping program until the 2020.”
We have asked the Honourable President about an eventual effort to harmonize all the legal’s Member States system

but probably it is too early to face all the legal problems surrounding this issue. We have focused on immigration integration through the search of funds from European Refugee Fund and Integration Fund.

Words may have wings – It’s gossip time in Unisa Mun

There are three types of gossip: Good gossip is just what’s going on. Bad gossip is stuff that is salacious, mean, and bitchy; the kind most people really enjoy.

You already know, we’ve got the gossip box, now you can read some awesome and gossips from there. Some of them you may noticed, confirmed, or just smile about them. Remember, gossip needn’t be false to be evil—there’s a lot of truth that shouldn’t be passed around. 😉

  • God bless Georgia
  • Ian is the best chairperson ever J
  • RAGONE Rocks
  • Giulia and Giusy are the best couple
  • Chair of SC is sweet and strick in the same time
  • Bobming china in SC
  • Back to the 80’s was awesome! Never throught life advice could make sense after so many chupitos
  • Giulia + Giusy, thank you for the night talk
  • Luca and Giusy you are the best ❤
  • Chairperson Jan likes chairperson Lucy
  • R. scetate vaio
  • Alfonso! Having dinner together is good, but you should do something more! Another boys like that Georgian girl too, be careful! XOXO 😉
  • Laura & Mena grazie, si
  • Tekla is flirting with Alfonso (maybe)
  • Geert & Ian send love gossip messages to each other. Love is in the air ❤

-Amedeo is the best photographer ever ❤

  • Everybody a zombie
  • 99% of the world population drinks cappuchino after breakfast and ever in evening. The rest should listen to the majority 😉
  • Giulia you are so hot!
  • “era una bella cerasa ma Milanese” Love you Giulia ( She was a beautiful cherry from Milano )
  • 99% of the world population drinks Cappuccino after breakfast and even in evenings the rest should listen to the majority 😉
  • Chile in Security Council rocks
  • Laura e Mena grazie siete grandi

Ecosoc’s Press Conference

We have been present during a debating session with the delegates of the ECOSOC committee.
During the session of Wednesday morning our Hounorable delegates have discussed about a very pressing topic: Gender Equality.

The delegation of Sudan expressed her concern on Germany’s way of drafting:
”Germany, once again, proves itself to be a very individualistic State and we would very much appreciate more interest in his colleagues’ points of view during the sessions”
During the press conference Germany expressed their willingness to defend gender equality by empowering women on the work placement and subsidizing the ones taking care of the household.

An interesting proposal comes from France that suggested to introduce a “paternity leave” which would allow women to pursue their careers.

Indonesia highlights that traditions are important and therefore want to keep themselves as far as possible from “revolutionary” mindsets. We have asked if they agree with the empowering of women importance in the society also salary-wise. We did not understand their position.

Brasil had an interesting opinion on the importance of education for women in their country, a very wise argument:
“We will be able to find all the points for a draft by the end of the day… or at least we hope so because we need big changes in this world expecially for women.”

We will see.

Gossip is more popular than literature

Gossip is called gossip because it is not always the truth, but here at UNISAMUN it is more reliable to the truth than ever. Here are some of the gossips we have collected from Tuesday:

– Mario ( Romania) would ninano’s mouth!??
-The Bulgarious girls are the best!
-OUR SG loves Praga
-Giusy is the best xoxo signed a secret dance partner
-Ninano and Antonio in the Eu council were late after the break… mmm something is going on!!!
-Figliò scinm a uoll per Laura Lauri
-Giulia you are the perfect roommate
-Cristina (Hr manager) you are the best 🙂 by Giusy
-Ian you are so cute 🙂
-Alfonso Ferrentino if tou knew english you will be mine. By Georgia girl
-Luca (india) from Bologna you are my sunshine by your guru
– Antonio ( Bulgaria and Ninano Would like a quicker ?
-Alessandro Bondino (hux) Canta bene
-Geert and Giulia are a beautiful couple
-God save the Georgia
-Lucy, I like you , dinner toghether? by dark knight

xoxo Unisamun gossip’s team
P.s. Be careful everything will be published NO CENSORED HERE